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FPPT.com: 100% Free PowerPoint Templates – Professional presenters have one thing in common: They design their presentations around their content for easy readability.

Whatever their theme and topic may be, professionals often have well-coordinated slide designs that have harmonious color schemes, high-quality composition, and overall unified design. These kinds of decks typically require professional designers, which can cost a lot. 

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So how can you have similar slideshow aesthetics like those presentation pros without breaking the bank? The answer is Free PowerPoint Templates.

Create Powerful PowerPoints with Free Templates

Free PowerPoint Templates (or also known as FPPT.com), is a website portal that offers all things PowerPoint. From premade presentation templates to animated slide designs and slide decks, this site has you covered. 

brain concept powerpoint template


You don’t need to be a pro, but you will look like a pro when you use FPPT templates for all your presentations.

This is because the slides and the backgrounds are all professionally designed and carefully curated to be included in its growing collection of over 10,000 free PowerPoint templates and free PowerPoint backgrounds

With FPPT, there’s no need to subscribe or give out your personal and credit card details. You have access to an ever-growing collection for free and for unlimited downloads. It truly is a place for all your presentation needs. 

The portal offers many ways to navigate through its ever-growing collection of free PowerPoint resources. You may pick a color scheme for your presentations, and see a wide range of results all for your picking.

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You may choose among hundreds of Categories, from animals to technology, nature to holidays, and almost everything else under the sun. FPPT has it all, with plenty of options to choose from. 

marketing mix powerpoint template
Product Marketing Mix Diagram for PowerPoint

You may also simply choose among the tags depending on keywords relevant to your own presentation. Aside from this, you can also type in your keyword in the search box. 

However you choose to narrow down the choices, you can always be sure you’d find something that perfectly suits your topic or theme.

Creative Presentations Specially Designed for PowerPoint

What’s great about the free presentation templates from FPPT is that they are made for PowerPoint, so you enjoy the ease of use no matter what your version of PowerPoint is.

And with the many presentation tools available today, converting to these other formats, such as Keynote and Google Slide, will present you with no trouble. You can work seamlessly across these platforms without any hassle. 

free presentation templates
Example of Architectural template for PowerPoint

Customizing these FPPT templates are also easy. So, while the designs themselves are unique, you can still give them your personal flair through PowerPoint’s very own formatting and design features.

You can apply new styles and change color schemes with just a few clicks without worrying about changing the inherent elements in the template. You may add your company logo and slogan as well, for a more brand-oriented deck.

artificial intelligence powerpoint template
Free Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint template

Easily Customize Your Slides for a More Personalized Look

Many of the templates are versatile and can suit various topics, making them an easy go-to template deck for all kinds of presentation needs. There are also more specialized template sets, which suit more specific topics for school, office, or personal use.

Some are also meant specifically for holidays and countries, and this can automatically give your presentation a more cohesive look that perfectly reflects your theme.

These kinds of templates may need minimal personalization. Just input the information you need following the built-in format and you’re basically good to go. 

In conclusion, having these templates allows you to focus more on your content and on perfecting your spoken presentation.

The superb aesthetics of these slideshow templates will also make you feel more confident and excited about getting in front of your audience, therefore giving you the best chance of giving a stunning presentation that your audience will understand and appreciate.

If you are also interested in other editable presentation templates oriented for business, we recommend to read our other review 100% editable PowerPoint templates.


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