Boost Up Event Revenues and Simplify Event Management with RFID System

Boost Up Event Revenues and Simplify Event Management with RFID System – Happy customers spend more money. To make them happy there should be the simplicity of purchasing, especially in big events such as music or food festivals.

A convenient way of making payment is one of them. Some people avoid buying something with longer lines because it is such a nuisance.

Going cashless really help in reducing time to wait in line for ATM, food, drinks, or merchandise. Those faster transactions help to elevate guests experience which leads to guests’ satisfaction.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) payment system offers new way of payment with no worry of fumbling for cash because it’s cashless.

With just a tap on the wristband called NFC (near field communications), making purchases has never been easier.

PouchNation as the leading Cashless Payment and Brand Activation provider in Southeast Asia introducing NFC wristband for faster transaction times and an extremely convenient way to spend, ensuring guests get what they want, when they want it, significantly reducing queues and drop-off rates.

By making use of RFID technology with embedded chips in the wristbands, this system has also proven to increase on-site guest spending by 15-30% at fully cashless events, compared to traditional forms of payment.

NFC wristbands riding the RFID technology also contribute to event analytics as organizers can get real-time sales reporting and a wealth of audience demographic and purchasing data.

It records transactional details including top-ups, stock keeping unit, point of sale terminal, date and time, and wristband ID.

This will let organizers optimize sales opportunities and enhance future event by recognizing the bestsellers and comprehend what their guests really wish.

It also saves time and costs of not having to count and handle cash or tokens on-site, reducing staffing and security requirements.

Through real-time data, sponsors can also make changes on the go to optimize engagement levels. It helps a lot in simplify event management.

There is no doubt that going RFID cashless payment system will eventually become the norm in the future.

Walter Pinem
Walter Pinem
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