Meet Bethanny Putri From Afternoon Tea & Living Room

Bethanny Putri supriadi
Photo: afternoonteaandlivingroom

Meet Bethanny Putri From Afternoon Tea & Living Room – From so many bloggers living in ease, with passion that’s pleased, with their precious blogs ‘on the line’, hereby I provide you the blogging journey of one of gorgeous fashion bloggers in Indonesia.

She is Bethanny Putri Supriadi, known as the fashion blogger behind Afternoon Tea & Living Room, also known as LANEIGE INDONESIA blogger ambassador.

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Several days ago I got a chance to interview this gorgeous fashion blogger to be featured on Seni Berpikir’s Project: Meet the Bloggers.

Blog, as a social media, will never die! Fashion, tutorials, reviews, health, movies, musics, and various topics, you name them, and from so many ideas out there will never be the same, while blog provides you a place to the satisfaction, will face no end.

As this post, which contains my Q&A with Bethanny Putri Supriadi, will tell you more what is passion and how to meet the satisfaction through blog, with blogging as the other way of the activities.

People have their own hobbies, like Bethanny Putri Supriadi would say, as I would say: “why don’t combine blog with passion or those hobbies?”.

Let’s meet Bethanny Putri from Afternoon Tea & Living Room to know more about her and her blogging career.

Just be yourself and be different, that's all. For those who want to start a personal style/fashion blog, make sure you have your own signature style, if you already have i. Bethanny Putri

Meet Bethanny Putri From Afternoon Tea & Living Room

1Please tell us a bit about yourself, how you got into blogging and when exactly did you start blogging?

Hi readers! My name is bethanny putri supriadi, jakarta based personal style/fashion blogger, blogging since 2009 under a blog – afternoon tea and living room

I consider blogging as a way to express my passion and curiousity and fashion is my main motive to start writing a blog.

2According to your blog, your topics/niches are fashion and style-related posts. Why did you choose the niches and why did you choose Blogspot as your main blogging platform?

Writing a blog is all about consistency and know what the aims/goals you want to achieve from the very beginning.

I choose fashion and lifestyle related topics which is really suit my personal life.

I love to shopping, thrifting and styling every piece of clothing in my wardrobe. surfing every single fashion related web and create a fashion moodboard from polyvore (of course i share it with all my readers thru blogging platform).

3Do you also pay attention to the techniques of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Pagerank, and Alexa Rank in managing your blog?

Circa 2010 i started to monetizing my blog by accepting many collaboration offers from brand (directly) and advertising agencies.

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For optimizing the blog performance and gain awareness i also learn how to use SEO in every blog content and learn step by step how to operate blog analytics and other social media ranking systems like alexa, google page rank to Klout.

4How do you currently promote your blog to the visitors?

I never have a specific way to promote my blog to my visitors, by optimizing SEO and creative or informative content will automatically drive visitors to visit your blog from search engine.

5What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started blogging?

All the great experiences and knowledges in fashion and lifestyle industry.

6How are you currently monetizing your blog?

As stated and answer on previous question, i already monetizing my blog since 2010.

7Who are your inspirations (bloggers/fashion figures)?, and what blogs do you visit most often?

I always adoring rumi neely for her simplicity on interpreting her fashion and style, i always do a regular visit and browse, polyvore and

8What advice would you have for someone who is just starting with their first blog?

All you need is to have a courage and self confidence to build your unique blog by not copy-cat or doing a plagiarism from other blog.

9How can readers of your blog get in touch with you?

You can ask about blogging/style advice to my email box: [email protected]
Or just mention my twitter/instagram account: @bethannyputri

10Last, what is your best message for Indonesian bloggers? Your message/advice will be an influence to us, Indonesian bloggers, in combining our hobbies with existing online medias to be pros like you.

Just be yourself and be different, that’s all.

For those who want to start a personal style/fashion blog, make sure you have your own signature style, if you already have it..that will be your advantage to drive large amount of visitor to your blog, because blog is not always about high end brand and skinny model look-a-like blogger.

For people who have passion, who get inspired, whatever the topics they are into, blog will always be the nicest place for them.

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Like Bethanny Putri Supriadi did with her passion, and with her blog, will tell you more what is passion and what is blog as the ‘nicest’ place. Follow her blog to know more about her, or to get inspired by her style.

Photos are taken from: Afternoon Tea & Living Room.


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