Google Tricks: Change the Way You Use Google, Now!

Google Tricks: Change the Way You Use Google, Now! – Google is the hegemon in the world of internet. Yes it is! Google is not only an internet company which provides free services like Gmail, Google Search, Youtube, or Blogspot, but also a big internet company which gives ‘human’ the easiest ways to do everything while browsing through internet.

Google, behind its simple and clean front page, has various tricks inside. It can make your life simpler by using these tricks, which you can find through the provided infographic. Gain productivity, less time to spend, and fun way to spend your time by ‘playing’ with these tricks.

These Google tricks are known as new tricks among the previous existed tricks. All you have to do is memorize them all, or take a note if necessary, and these Google tricks will help much and will change the way you use Google for good. Here they are:

google-tricksNow, you will know why you don’t need tools such as timer, calculator, or any kind of casual tools. By using those Google tricks then you will know why Google has the ability to be the hegemon of the internet. Yes, you can embed that infographic to your site by copying the code. Let’s spread this great news to others.

Courtesy: 9GAG

Walter Pinem
Walter Pinem
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