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Meet Michelle Hendra of MichelleHendra.com – I’ve been interviewing some bloggers, most of them are fashion bloggers, and one of them is Michelle Hendra.

This beautiful,- oriental fashion blogger is really fascinating. Though lived her life as an Interior Designer student at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne for years, her love for fashion makes her passion in fashion swiftly flowing through her blog: MichelleHendra.com.

Millions blogs are online and ready to be accessed for everyone. Various topics are available, and it depends on us which blogs are useful and important for our needs.

In the unlimited space of internet world, many topics are available to check on, and fashion blogs are ready to be checked to fulfill your needs in fashion terms. Fashion things are always interesting.

Many figures and fashion blogs are important to be checked. Fashion things will never die through ages. Every age has its fashion thing, and every fashion thing has its age. It’s often called ‘trend’.

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Several days ago I got a chance to interview this beautiful blogger. Like what I did with fellow bloggers before (see here), I gave several (important) questions related to blogging, niche, and how to develop the blog itself. And here are several things we can learn from Michelle Hendra as one of SeniBerpikir.com’s influential bloggers.

. . . be confident, brave and don't hesitate to show who you are and what style you do have . . . Michelle Hendra

Let’s Get to Know Michelle Hendra of MichelleHendra.com

1Can you please tell us a bit about yourself, how you got into blogging and when exactly did you start blogging?

My name is Michelle Hendra. Well I’m a 22 years old Interior Designer who turns out to like fashion and food more than interior, but still I do love them. I started my blog long time ago, it was still during my high school period.

I used to have an online diary, not a fashion blog. Well, though i didn’t really put out any names on the site, but for some reasons, a couple of my friends noticed my blog and started to talk about it.

It was a huge mess and I was the talk of the school, then I stopped blogging, changing my URL and name of the site, deleting all the blog posts, then changed it into a fashion blog.

Started as a fashion critique, I posted a lot of fashion shows report and magazine editorials. After a while I started thinking, why don’t I have my own blog?

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Then there was the time when Sunsilk Queenbee competition was on in 2009, there I started to post more and more outfit posts inside my blog. I made it to top 20 and was proud~

Anyway, I did Interior Design degree in Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne and now back for good in Indonesia. That’s a little piece of me~

2According to your blog, your topics/niches are fashion and style-related posts. Why did you choose the niches and why did you choose Blogspot.com as your main blogging platform?

Well it is my passion and I think it’s one of the best ways to express my fashion euphoria to the world! I chose blogger.com then bought my own domain so I no longer use blogspot.com, at first it was the easiest platform to create a simple website.

3How do you currently promote your blog to the visitors?

Well, so far I’m doing it through my other social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Path.

And since I’ve been doing it for years, I got the privilege to be one of the senior bloggers I could say *wink*, then I have all the media partners who featured me on their platform or even going to fashion events.

4What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started blogging?

I never regretted it at all, I think I started just fine.

5How are you currently monetizing your blog?

Well, these days I take fees for endorsements, just count that as advertising fees for all the sellers. I do provide paid-banner on my website too!

6What advice would you have for someone who is just starting with their first blog?

First, Just be yourself! Why bother so hard to look like everyone else, while you can be the one who sets the trend?

7How can readers of your blog get in touch with you?

Through my social media loves!

8Last, what is your best message for Indonesian bloggers? Your message/advice will be an influence to us, Indonesian bloggers, in combining our hobbies with existing online medias to be pro like you.

Well, at first, be confident, brave and don’t hesitate to show who you are and what style you do have.

Indonesia is a very cyber-ized country, according to some surveys, Indonesia holds the first rank for people who spend most time facing the screen, either they browse through mobile, tablet, PC or TV.

It wasn’t really a great achievement, but that really tells us some important point, that if we are keen to do it, willing to do it, passionate about it, we can be successful in any way! Including blogging!

I really hope Indonesian Bloggers can make it up to world’s best known blogger! Although we have a couple in line already these days! and I’m proud to be their friends!

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That’s all about Michelle Hendra, one of the true fascinating bloggers out there. We can learn many things from her blogging career, how she develops it (visit her blog: MichelleHendra.com), and how she monetizes it for good.

Photos are taken from MichelleHendra.com


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