Cool Websites: The Easiest Ways to Entertain Yourself

Cool Websites: The Easiest Ways to Entertain Yourself  – If you are one of those who are bored with daily activity, sad with current condition etc., there are plenty of simple ways to increase your mood, get yourself back to your routine.

The internet gives us ‘almost’ everything nowadays. There are several cool websites which are available for you as the simplest, the easiest ways to entertain yourself with fun facts, meme, beautiful quotes, and more. Several of them also provide short funny videos to increase your mood, of course. There are:

Cool Websites to Use as the Easiest Ways to Entertain Yourself


9GAG is a place where users share their funniest and coolest moments or jokes through pictures and short videos. This online community is very popular to teenagers. Millions people gathered through Instagram, the Official Websites (, Facebook Fan Page, and even Ask.FM to get the latest coolest pictures which are shared by 9GAG Team. Here is one of the easiest ways to entertain yourself because the pictures and short videos provided by them are really, really cool and funny.

2. BuzzFeed

Another cool website is BuzzFeed, which provides plenty useful articles, photos, and videos from various categories to increase your mood. There are so many interesting articles and pictures that are very useful to help you boost your mood.


Like, provides various funny things. You will find yourself laughing all day long after reading or seeing the contents. It will keep refreshing your mind, the easiest way to entertain yourself, indeed.

4. Miniclip

Miniclip is website-based games community. While you get bored by the routines or your daily activities, you have to refresh your mind by playing the provided games. They are really interesting to play, also help you kill your time on waiting something or someone wherever you are.


If you care about every detail of something you care about, then is for you. On the site, you can learn many things about human, animals, and other nature’s subject and get the details to improve your knowledge. It is worth to waste your time browsing the content on the site.


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