Guides For Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic – Pinterest is one of popular social medias, and it can be used to drive huge traffic for your blog. Pinterest uses pinboard for users to share something they found useful to others. The more interesting the pinboard is the more interesting it is for the users.

If you have problems regarding your blog traffic, same with other social medias, you can use pinterest to promote your blog content by creating pinboard for each article. Create interesting pinboard to attract more users if possible. Also, read the terms of use. Share the interesting content with interesting pinboard to drive traffic to your blog from pinterest.

Here are the top guides for using pinterest to drive traffic for your blog [infographic]:

Guides For Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic

Courtesy of: TechGYD via Seni Berpikir

For your information, Pinterest is used by more than 100 millions worldwide as per June 2014. As per July 2013, it gained more than 70 millions users worldwide. So there is no reason not to use Pinterest to drive more traffic for your blog. You should try to use the guides for using Pinterest to drive traffic to your web as soon as you read the infographic. Try to beat up your competitors with using Pinterest, and make sure that you can collect 50% more unique visitors from your daily unique visitors.


Social medias can be used as promotional tool for your blog and online business. The same goes with Pinterest. With hundred millions of users, you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to improve your business blog visitors. Traffic, besides quality blog contents and SEO, is the ultimate element for online business. So, by using the guides for using Pinterest to drive traffic that is shown above, we hope you can compare your blog visitors before implementing it and after implementing it. Hope you can find it useful as well.


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